Strawberry Blueberry Banana Smoothie brings summertime straight to your glass. Sweet and creamy, this good-for-you smoothie is an easy way to start your day or refuel in the afternoon.

My family loves smoothies. I make smoothies several times a week either with our breakfasts or as snacks. Pink, purple, green, blue, brown, they come in countless colors and flavors. Strawberry Smoothies and Blueberry Banana Smoothies are beloved standbys.

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A while back, I combined both of those favorites into this smoothie and it was an instant hit!

Strawberry Blueberry Banana Smoothies

Strawberry Blueberry Banana Smoothie

This is a very simple combination that we all agree is delicious. I like to freeze all of the fruit ahead of time so that the smoothies get cold without any ice needed. On the rare occasion that I forget to pop some berries in the freezer in advance, I’ll add an ice cube or two but it waters down the flavor a bit.

When strawberries and blueberries are on sale I buy a ton to freeze so we always have smoothies on hand. If you prefer, ready frozen berries from the freezer section work beautifully in this smoothie recipe, too.

I prefer smoothies that are similar to a milkshake consistency and frozen bananas are the key. I buy extra bananas and simply peel them and put them into a ziploc bag in the freezer.

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When I am ready to make a smoothie, I just grab however many I need and toss them in the blender. It’s also a great strategy for using bananas that are getting overripe and gives smoothies the perfect consistency.

Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie

A tasty strawberry, blueberry, and banana smoothie that’s perfect for breakfast, snacks or anytime you need a refreshing treat.

  1. Pour whole milk into the blender, followed by frozen bananas, blueberries and strawberries.
  2. Add a drizzle of honey and blend until everything is combined and the smoothie reaches your desired consistency.
  3. Pour into glasses and enjoy! Garnish with a strawberry slice, if desired.

Note: I love the creaminess that whole milk gives this smoothie recipe. For a dairy free alternative, coconut milk, soy milk or almond milk will work just fine as an alternative. I’d recommend an unsweetened non-dairy milk as the bananas and honey add all the sweetness this smoothie needs.

Feel free to adjust the amount of honey in this recipe to your taste. I’ve found that letting my bananas get almost overripe before I freeze them makes for a sweeter smoothie that needs less honey.

If you like a sweeter smoothie (or are making this for a kid with a major sweet tooth), try adding more honey by the half-teaspoon until you get the level of sweetness you’re looking for.

With fruit smoothies, the sweetness of the frozen fruits will have a direct impact on the flavor of the smoothie. The same combination of ingredients that tasted perfect one day, might need an extra boost of sweetener another day. Play with the ingredients to find the perfect smoothie combination for your tastes.

Smoothie Recipes

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I’ve made what seems like hundreds of different kinds of smoothies over the years! Everyone in my family likes them and they’re a great way to get some extra fruit into our diets.

For a smoothie with a hint of tropical flavors try a Pineapple Banana Smoothie and a Pineapple Orange Banana Smoothie. This Pina Colada Smoothie is a sweet and refreshing summertime treat, too.

Have you ever tried green smoothies? Made right, a green smoothie tastes as good as it makes you feel. Check out my Favorite Green Smoothie for one of the best-tasting smoothies I’ve made.

I also put together this list of 50+ Healthy and Delicious Smoothie Recipes to keep your blender busy. There’s no end to the number of great tasting flavor combinations you can add to your smoothies. From berries and spinach to Chocolate and Peanut Butter, there’s a smoothie recipe to suit every taste.

Next up, I’m going to have to try this Cherry Banana Bliss Smoothie that Lynn posted on 365 Days of Baking. It sounds and looks marvelous!

No matter how many times I make Strawberry Blueberry Smoothies for breakfast, I never get tired of it. Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe you just can’t get enough of?

(originally published 5/18/11 – recipe notes and photos updated 4/22/20}

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