Copycat mall pretzels! These mini cinnamon sugar pretzel bites are one of the all time tastiest treats! They’re perfectly soft and chewy, deliciously flavored with spice and the frosting-like cream cheese dip takes them to next level deliciousness!

Copycat Auntie Anne

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The Best Pretzel Recipe!

I think I’ll take the award for coolest mom ever today (I’m only joking, but after making these, I’m feeling like my kids think I’m seriously amazing).

My family has become serious pretzel lovers, all thanks to my husband. He has always loved them so he started taking my kids to get them at the mall. Now, they request to go get them at least once a week.

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We only live 10 minutes away from the mall which has two Auntie Anne’s so we definitely haven’t had a shortage of them. My kids are always begging to go, and even though I’m not much of a mall person I’m always game for food.

The last time we went we made the switch from the regular salted pretzels (with that nasty cheese sauce my kids love) to the cinnamon sugar version. We are hooked on those now.

What happens then? I usually try to find a way to make it at home if we love something that much. Plus, I thought theirs could seriously use a sweet and fluffy cream cheese dipping sauce to pair with them (it’s like a cinnamon roll meets mall pretzels = best upgrade ever).

Copycat Auntie Anne

Better Than Auntie Anne’s Pretzels!

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I’m happy to say, these taste just like the Auntie Anne version but even better! With cream cheese and cinnamon sugar covered smiles on their faces my kids highly approved (my four year old also says these are “home pretzels” not “mall pretzels”.

While we were making them together, I kept referring to them as mall pretzels and she kept telling me, “no Mom, they’re home pretzels” – since we were making them at home of course). My husband also agreed that they were amazing, after trying just one he said he didn’t need dinner anymore.

You too are going to be hooked on these and you’ll love the fact that you can indulge in a large batch in the comfort of your home. You could even make half of them coated in cinnamon sugar and the other half with coarse salt if you’d prefer (just be sure to add the salt before baking though). Enjoy!

Copycat Auntie Anne

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