This Chocolate Quinoa Cake has blown my mind. Just writing about it here makes me grin as I think about how perfectly moist, rich and chocolatey it is.

When I first saw this recipe, I did a double-take because I had never before run across anything quite like it. A flourless chocolate cake made with quinoa?

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Unforgettable Chocolate Quinoa Cake recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen

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I make a Flourless Chocolate Cake at least a couple of times a year and it is one of my favorite recipes. The Chocolate Quinoa Cake on the other hand, has the texture of a traditional cake, yet with no special flours required.

All you need is a couple of scoops of cooked quinoa.

This cake wowed both my family and our dinner guests who are accustomed to eating traditional sweets. Even knowing that the cake was made from quinoa, I couldn’t detect an odd taste or texture.

(And you know just how fussy I am about GF desserts and any odds textures or smells – some of those gluten-free flours are pretty bad!)

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This, my friends, is pure, sweet and tender chocolate cake. After eating a slice the next day for breakfast, I sent the rest of it to the office with my husband. This is a very dangerous cake.

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Kitchen Tip: I use this blender or this food processor to make this recipe.

Chocolate Quinoa Cake Recipe

{originally published 8/28/13 – recipe notes updated 10/27/19}

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