Here are the best bourbon cocktails that make the best of this popular whiskey! These bourbon drinks work for summer, winter, and every time in between.

Bourbon cocktails

Got a great bottle of bourbon whiskey? The sweet notes of vanilla and oak make bourbon drinks some of the most complex and intriguing out there. Of course, you can drink bourbon straight up. But why when there are so many great bourbon cocktails to try? Bourbon works in any season. Though it might feel autumnal with its full-bodied flavor, there choices for summer bourbon cocktails as well.

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Here at A Couple Cooks, we prefer bourbon in most of our Classic Cocktails instead of rye whiskey, because of its smooth and sweet flavor. Here’s our list of best whiskey cocktails using bourbon! They include classics like the Whiskey Sour and Old Fashioned, to unique spins like the fresh and summery bourbon berry smash.

And now, our best bourbon cocktails!

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