What to mix with Skrewball? These peanut butter whiskey drinks are the best ways to highlight its sweet, nutty flavor.

Peanut butter whiskey drinks recipes

Got a bottle of Skrewball? This unique peanut butter whiskey is syrupy, thick and sweet, with a deliciously nutty finish. Sure, you can drink it as a shot. But what to mix with Skrewball for cocktails? Here are all the top peanut butter whiskey drink recipes that make the most of this nutty liquor! Try it in a sweet spin on the Old Fashioned, or balance it out with cranberry juice in a sweet tart Peanut Butter and Jelly.

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Many Skrewball drink recipes out there are overly sweet. But we found peanut butter whiskey is better accented with tart, bubbly or bitter flavors to cut the sweetness. So don’t go making a Skrewball White Russian or mixing Skrewball and Baileys…unless you want schedule an immediate visit to the dentist! The drink recipes below still lean sweet, but the flavor is balanced so they’re deliciously sippable.

And now…top peanut butter whiskey drinks to try!

More about Skrewball

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Skrewball whiskey is a flavored whiskey that tastes like peanut butter (really!). If you’re a whiskey lover, well: you might not love these peanut butter whiskey drinks. Because there’s loads of added sugar in the stuff! Here’s a bit more about this intriguing type of whiskey:

  • Skrewball peanut butter whiskey is a flavored whiskey made with real peanuts. The company was founded by husband and wife team Steven and Brittany Yeng, based in San Diego, California. Skrewball launched in 2018 and has become very popular in the US.
  • Skrewball has a thick, sticky texture. It tastes very sweet, with a strong peanut finish and notes of caramel, coffee and vanilla. Honestly, it’s more like drinking Baileys than bourbon.
  • Is Skrewball really a whiskey? Whiskey technically should be 40% ABV when it’s bottled, and Skrewball is 35% ABV. It’s labeled as a “flavored whiskey.”
  • Will I like Skrewball? It depends. If you’re a whiskey connoisseur, probably not. But if you love sweet alcoholic drinks and think you don’t like whiskey…you probably will!
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