I attended the University of Texas at Austin for college. Big school located in Austin, Texas. Loved the vibe on campus (most of the time) and the city and the people. One thing I remember was walking to class and grabbing a pepperoni Stromboli from one of the cart vendors. These cart vendors were selling everything and their kitchen sink if I remember correctly. . but I always went for the egg rolls and pepperoni Strombolis. These bad boys (and they were bad because they were probably the most unhealthy things and 1,000 calories) were greasy, ooey, cheesy, meaty goodness. Greasy, like I could still taste the grease in my mouth in class 3 hours later. . and these suckers were BIG. But I would eat the entire thing. . and go back for another one the next day. I mean, come on- these strombolis were like a $1.50.

I haven’t enjoyed a stromboli in over 15 years, nor have I ever attempted to make one at home. I don’t know why. . these are really so delicious and easy to make! You can throw in basic, simple, and quick pizza ingredients like: pepperoni, ham, salami and any kind of cheese you want. If you do this, your stromboli will be ready in under 30 minutes, from start to finish. Or you can take it one step further. . go a little gourmet-ish and go crazy!

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We had some leftover tri-tip (I used this marinade) and I sautéed mushrooms and onions to put inside. I think this is what made our stromboli extra special. . BUT a stromboli with pepperoni, ham, salami and cheese can be just as tasty! For me, as long as it’s hot, stuffed with goodness and cheesy, I am happy!

Hope you give this one a try!

Anything Goes Stromboli

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