Serve up an easy side dish tonight with this Simple Brown Rice Pilaf. Based on whole grain and packed with flavor, it’s a great supporting actor.

bowl of brown rice pilaf

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Rice pilaf is one of my go-to side dishes. Hubs could eat the whole pan himself. There’s just something about the combination of butter, onion, rice, and chicken broth that comes together in a happy, comforting way.

While I’ve made rice pilaf plenty of times with white, long grain rice, I’ve been making it more and more with whole grain brown rice. The texture is a little different, a tad stickier than when made with white rice.

But, my husband still can eat the whole pan by himself. So you know it’s just as good. We’ll call it nutritious and delicious. 😉

What Is The Difference Between Rice And Rice Pilaf?

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Usually rice is cooked in water. It can be steamed, boiled or baked.

Rice pilaf though varies in the preparation of the rice. It is usually sauteed first in butter or oil. Then it’s cooked in a stock or broth.

What’s the best rice for rice pilaf?

For this recipe we used a brown rice, but the best rice for rice pilaf is a long grain rice. We also love using basmati rice like with our Lemon and Herb Rice Pilaf, but jasmine rice would also work.

Short grain rice, can be used but it can tend to get a bit clumpy.

How Do You Make Brown Rice Pilaf?

saucepan of brown rice pilaf

How I make this good:

Whenever possible I like to cook with plain old ingredients. While the convenience of mixes and canned sauces is nice, I feel better about feeding my family just real food whenever possible. (Go here for some of my reasons on all that.)

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One glance at this recipe and you’ll know you’ve got the real deal. When possible I use homemade chicken stock since it’s so easy to make and practically free if you’re already roasting a are no mixes or bottled sauces here. Just real good food!

How I make this cheap:

Here are some of the strategies I use to make this recipe more economical:

  • Buy in bulk. I know that Costco is the best place to buy ingredients in bulk, like brown rice or chicken stock, when there isn’t a great sale elsewhere. I keep track of prices so that I know who has the best deal where. If you don’t think you’ll eat through a ten pound bag of rice too quickly, split the purchase with a friend or store the extra in the freezer to extend its shelf life. Yes shopping at Costco can save you money, if done right.
  • Make my own stock. Homemade chicken stock is so easy to make and practically free if you’re already roasting a chicken or buying rotisserie chickens. Extract all the flavor from the bones before you toss them.

Tools I use to make this recipe easy:

Having the right kitchen tools can really make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. Over time, I’ve honed my collection so that they are perfect for my needs. Here are the tools that I like to use in this recipe.

  • plastic cutting boards – I have blue boards for veggies and white boards for meat.
  • Ergo Chef chef’s knife – I’ve had my set for several years and they work well.
  • 5-quart pot with lid – I have this one. It’s perfect for cooking chili or a big pot of rice.

Simple Rice Pilaf Recipe | Good Cheap Eats

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Originally published November 22, 2010. Post updated March 25, 2017.

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