You must try this Hurricane Cocktail Recipe. The Hurricane is the best tropical drink recipe!

hurricane cocktail in a hurricane glass with a wooden background

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How did the Hurricane Cocktail get its name?

The origin of the Hurricane is credited to Pat O’Brien’s, a bar in New Orleans. Back in the Prohibition Era, the bar originally started as a speakeasy (a secret establishment that served alcohol), and the password was “Storm’s a Brewin’.”

hurricane cocktail

Legend has it that the bar owner did what he could to sell off (less popular) rum, so he added it to a variety of tropical fruit juices and created the classic Hurricane Cocktail Recipe.

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four girls sharing a hurricane cocktail with straws

Here I am at Pat O’Brien’s last week with a few of my friends. We’re sharing a Hurricane, of course!

hurricane glasses

In the 40’s, Pat O’Brien served the original Hurricanes in Hurricane lamp shaped glasses and gave them away to sailors. They were a big hit, and they’re still an attraction at the original Pat O’Brien’s today.

Nowadays, you can order a Hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s and you get to keep the glass (they pack it up for you). But more often than not, you order it in a GO CUP, which is a popular choice in New Orleans. That means you can buy a drink in a bar and bring it with you on the street. Yep, you can drink cocktails while walking around New Orleans. It’s totally legal.

man in a pink shirt pouring hurricane cocktails into hurricane glasses

How do you make a Hurricane Cocktail?

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There are two kinds of rum in the classic Hurricane Cocktail Recipe: white rum and dark rum. Two ounces of each in a single Hurricane makes it plenty potent, so you’re going to need to be careful with this one! Passion fruit juice and orange juice make up the juice portion of the drink. Grenadine and simple syrup are added in for additional sweetness. Juice from 1/2 lime finishes it off. It’s served in a Hurricane glass full of ice, and it’s garnished with orange and a maraschino cherry.

man in a pink shirt holding two hurricane cocktails

My husband happily made these for us for Happy Hour last night. I had one and he had one. Let me tell you… that’s all you need LOL. These are really, really good, but they’re awfully strong too!

hand holding a hurricane cocktail with a backyard in the background

We happily sipped on our Hurricanes in our very summery and deathly hot-right-now Arizona backyard. We don’t get hurricanes around here, but monsoon season will be here very soon. And that’s a pretty crazy weather phenomenon too! One minute it’s nice and sunny outside, and an hour later it’s a torrential downpour and trees are all over the roads. Crazy!

If you enjoy cocktails, you might also enjoy the Lava Flow Cocktail or these very popular Beach House Cosmos. Prosecco Margaritas and the POG Punch Hawaiian Cocktail are a fun choice too.

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