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I’ve made a nice handful of Asian dishes already for my blog, but the one that I hadn’t made yet, was my own personal all-time favorite – – General Tso’s Chicken!

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Gawd I love that stuff!

We used to LOVE ordering from a place called “Wok ‘n Roll” back in LaPorte, Indiana, where we used to live. They have THE BEST Asian food I’ve ever had!

Even better than any Chinese restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown! We have had serious Chinese food withdrawals ever since moving to the east coast!

So it was about time that I just bit the bullet and made it myself. After doing my homework and searching all over the internet, I finally had a scribbled down recipe with all of the elements that I preferred in mine and that sounded like what I wanted, and gave it a shot!

Once I had all of my prep completely done, everything mixed, chopped, grated, cut and organized, everything went really quickly and easily! This does take a bit of time, but it isn’t difficult at all. Just get an early start is all. 😉

general tso

Just some of the ingredients to get started. The chicken has been cut and is marinating in a bit of fresh-squeezed orange juice, garlic salt, and pepper. The sauce is mixed up and I’m just getting a few of the other ingredients together and ready to go.

You want to dredge the chicken pieces really well in the cornstarch first….

chicken dredge 1

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…then into the flour to dredge again. You can actually dredge it a second time in the flour. But this was looking pretty good to me, so I stopped here.

chicken dredge 2

You definitely want it well-coated, though, so if it still looks a bit translucent, dredge again in the flour.

chicken dredged

Get a large pan of oil nice and hot, and get your small assembly line going to fry, drain and rest.

general tso

This is how much you’ll get from just 1 1/2 pounds of chicken breasts! Almost a full rack from just two smallish boneless skinless chicken breasts and enough for at least four servings!

general tso

And the coating is nice and light, crispy on the outside, and tender and juicy on the inside! Be sure to not overcook them, they cook fast! These only took 3 -4 minutes depending on the size of the piece.

general tso

As soon as you have all of the chicken cooked, get out a frying pan, or wok if you have one. Add a little oil and sauté your garlic, ginger, chopped onion, and red chilies until nice and fragrant.

general tso

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Add in your sauce (be sure to give it a good stir before adding to reincorporate the cornstarch), stir to mix it all together, and cook and stir until it comes to a boil and thickens.

general tso

Then just stir and fold in your cooked chicken and green onion pieces!

general tso

And ta-dah! You’re done!

I always cook my rice first and just set it aside. You can always give it a quick zap in the microwave if it cools off too much.

general tso

The garnish is optional, but really pretty and tasty, too! I just sprinkle with a little toasted sesame seeds and snip some more green onion right over the plate.

general tso

This really rocked and was just as I hoped it would be! A bit hot, a bit sweet, a bit tart, with complex flavor and a tiny hint of fresh orange in the back reminding me that spring is coming soon! Really, really delicious! Something that I would feel confident serving to company, and would happily share with a friend!

So if you, too, are a big General Tso’s fan, you’ll really love this! So ditch the cruddy, expensive take-out, and make it at home with fresh ingredients and no MSG! 😉 Adjust the heat to your own preference by decreasing or increasing the red chili peppers! Serve with some nice oven-roasted broccoli with a little sesame oil and soy sauce, and some chocolate-dipped fortune cookies for a fun, easy dessert! 😀

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do! Take care all, and have a wonderful day! ~Kelly

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