Here are the best Hennessy cocktails to try with this centuries old brand of Cognac! It shines in classics from the Sidecar to the Sazerac.

Hennessy margarita

Got Hennessy and want to mix up a drink? You’re in luck: there are loads of great classic cocktails to make with this ages old brand of Cognac. The Hennessy company was founded over 250 years ago in 1765 in France. Today it produces 40% of the world’s Cognac, making it the largest producer of Cognac worldwide. If you’re ready to move beyond drinking it neat, here’s where to start.

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Here are 6 classic Hennessy cocktails that highlight the best of its bold flavor! Try a Hennessy Sazerac, the boozy official cocktail of New Orleans. Or if you prefer something sweeter, try the Sidecar, one of the most classic cocktails starring Cognac. And of course…you can’t go wrong with the simple mix of Hennessy and Coke! Let’s get mixing.

And now…6 great Hennessy cocktails to try!

What do the letters mean?

Cognac is a type of French brandy, a liquor made from distilling wine. There are several grades of Hennessy Cognac that designate how long it’s been aged:

  • VS or 3 stars (2 years)
  • VSOP (4 years)
  • Napoléon (6 years)
  • XO (10 years)

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Watch out, bottles of XO can be upwards of $200! No need to go that high-end, of course. You can use a mid-priced VS or VSOP Cognac for all of the Hennessy cocktails above.


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