This easy recipe for cinnamon roll bread pudding takes leftover cinnamon rolls and bakes them up into a decadent pan of soft and sweet dessert. Perfect for a holiday brunch treat!

cinnamon roll bread pudding

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I saved this luxurious, decadent, mouthwatering recipe for today because today is my birthday! Yep, I am never-you-mind how old, but I still do love my birthday the same way I did when I was nine years old.

And one of the best things about my birthday year in and year out has been the amazing treats my mama has made for me…from the Heath Bar Birthday Cake she is making for my birthday supper tonight, to her world famous scones.

And one of the things I love best in her repertoire are her cinnamon rolls. Warm, fat, tender rolls bursting with cinnamon and brown sugar flavor…they are a Christmas tradition in my house.

There is only one issue with them, and that is that my mama usually gives us two trays of them.

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24 glorious cinnamon rolls.

And there are four of us, not counting the dog, who is not getting any cinnamon rolls.

Now, I can eat cinnamon rolls with the best of them, but inevitably there are leftover cinnamon rolls, which is how this recipe was born! Ready to turn your cinnamon rolls into cinnamon roll bread pudding? Let’s make it!

Here’s how you make cinnamon roll bread pudding!

You probably figured out that you start with cinnamon rolls. You want 6 cups of cinnamon rolls cut into cubes, which usually means 4 of my mama’s size rolls, or 6 of the smaller variety.

Let them soak in a mixture of milk and eggs and brown sugar and vanilla until they are nice and mushy, then pour them into a butter baking dish, cover them with foil and bake them up until they have turned into a golden brown bread pudding.

Now mix up a quick glaze of powdered sugar, milk and vanilla and drizzle. GENEROUSLY.

pan of cinnamon roll bread pudding

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Here’s a quick video to show you have easy this deliciousness is to make…

I highly recommend eating a bowl of this pudding while it is still warm.

I also highly recommend throwing caution utterly to the wind and topping it with ice cream.

cinnamon roll bread pudding with ice cream

Because we aren’t getting any younger you know! Especially me today!

Happy merry everything. 🙂


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