3 Ways to Use Up a Pot of Sushi Rice

September 22, 2016

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Rice is one of those foods that all of us are incapable of measuring out perfectly. No matter how much we try, there will always be rice leftovers! This can put some of us off cooking it, but if rice wasn’t so versatile and a great basis to many meals, it wouldn’t be eaten in such massive quantities around the world.

In the UK, we waste rice, but in many Asian countries you’d never hear of such a thing. If there’s a pot of rice to be had then a pot of rice will be eaten! We want to get you in that same economical thinking, so here are 3 recipes you can make for the next time you make a pot of sushi rice.

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3 Ways to Use Up a Pot of Sushi Rice

Make a Dragon Roll

Let’s imagine you’ve just finished cooking a perfect pot of sushi rice; obviously the first thing you need to make is really good sushi! Let the rice cool before you take on this roll, or you’ll make the nori soggy. This recipe results in a really dramatic centerpiece sushi roll, which is ideal for entertaining friends or family. See the recipe here.

Make Onigiri

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So, you’ve made great sushi and now you need something for tomorrow’s lunch? No problem. Leftovers have never been this delicious. Grab some leftover katsu, or some pickled Japanese vegetables and whip up some onigiri. These are Japanese rice balls that have delicious fillings. They’re an on-the-go snack, and much better than a sandwich. Get experimental and see what flavour combos you can come up with! See the recipe here.

Make Homemade Mochi

By now your rice is getting pretty old, and we all know rice doesn’t keep very long. How about pounding out that rice into a paste for mochi? It’s some good old fashioned after-work stress relief, and it results in a sweet too – perfect! Just make sure you portioned out your sushi rice before seasoning it, as no one wants mochi flavoured with rice wine vinegar… See the recipe here!

3 Ways to Use Up a Pot of Sushi Rice

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