Got Crown? Here are the top Crown Royal cocktails and mixed drinks recipes that make the most of this Canadian whisky.

Crown royal

Got a bottle of Crown? Sure, you can sip on it neat: but this Canadian whisky is at its best in mixed drinks! The vanilla, brown sugar and oaky notes of Crown Royal work perfectly in cocktails of all kinds, from classic cocktails to modern mixed drinks. Start with the Royal Flush, developed using Crown itself, or opt for the venerable Old Fashioned that’s been mixed up for over 200 years. Whatever your tastes, we’ve got a Crown Royal drink for you.

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And now…the top Crown Royal cocktails & mixed drinks!

About Crown Royal whiskey

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Crown Royal is a Canadian whisky introduced in 1939 as a tribute to the royal tour of Canada of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. It was available only in Canada until 1964, then introduced in the US in the 1960’s. Some people consider Canadian whisky at the lower strata of the whiskey world, but it’s very popular and can make a mean drink.

There are many varieties of Crown Royal whisky, including:

  • Signature series: Deluxe, Rye, Black, Blender’s Mash
  • Master series: XR, XO, Reserve, Wine Barrel Finish
  • Flavor series: Apple, Vanilla, Peach, Salted Caramel
  • Retired: XR (Red), Honey, Cornerstone, Maple, Texas Mesquite

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