Try the top classic dark rum cocktails that highlight this unique type of rum! These drinks make the most of its deep caramel flavor.

Dark rum

All rum is not the same. In fact, dark rum should be considered an entirely different type of liquor from the light variety! Dark rum is aged, so it has a deep, caramel smoky sweet flavor. It’s entirely unlike the light, fruity flavor of white rum. So it’s not surprising that drink recipes call specifically for the alcohol based on color.

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Here are all the essential dark rum cocktails that highlight the unique flavor of this type of liquor! There are classics from the 1940’s, tropical drinks perfect for the beach, and even a centuries old drink for sipping on chilly evenings.

And now…the top dark rum cocktails to try!

More rum drinks

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There are lots more drinks to try outside of these dark rum cocktails, especially if you’ve got bottles of white or aged rum! Here are a few more lists of cocktail ideas:

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  • Try easy 2 ingredient rum drinks: Rum and Orange Juice, Rum and Tonic, or Rum and Lemonade


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