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Tzatziki is a delicious Mediterranean sauce made out of yogurt with minced cucumber, garlic and lemon juice. I usually buy a huge jar of tzatziki sauce at Costco (the Hannah brand of tzatziki sauce pictured above). Even though it’s a big package of sauce, it gets used up within a week at my house 🙂 There are so many things to eat and serve with tzatziki sauce, and it’s so delicious!

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I came up with the whole 12 different ways of eating tzatziki sauce! Here’s how you can serve and eat the tzatziki sauce:

1. Sauce For Meat

Tzatziki sauce goes great with all kinds of meat – chicken, beef, pork and lamb. It’s especially good with grilled meat!

The most popular way to eat tzatziki sauce is with gyros! I also often serve the tzatziki sauce with my homemade ground beef kefta kabob.

Tzatziki sauce is a great way to spice up plain meat, like chicken breast. A little tzatziki sauce on the side will transform a bland chicken breast into a flavorful meal!

2. Sauce For Fish

Tzatziki sauce also tastes really good with fish. My favorite fish to eat with the tzatziki sauce is white fish!

3. Sauce For Felafel

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Felafel and tzatziki together taste like they were made for each other! Dip the felafel balls in tzatziki, and soon there’ll be no more felafel left 🙂

4. On The Burgers

You can use tzatziki as a topping for the burger patties. Tzatziki tastes delicious on both the regular meat burgers and the veggie burgers. Especially veggie burgers! Tzatziki transforms the veggie burgers from boring to super-yum!

5. On The Sandwiches

Who needs mayo when you got tzatziki! For a new twist on traditional deli sandwiches, spread the tzatziki sauce instead of mayo.

6. In The Pita Wraps

Mix the pita filling with the tzatziki sauce to make it moist and flavorful! Tzatziki sauce will enhance any pita wrap sandwiches, such as grilled chicken pita or the felafil pita wrap.

7. Add To Mashed Potatoes

Here’s a unusual use for a tzatziki sauce – I bet you haven’t heard of this one 🙂 When you make mashed potatoes, add the tzatziki sauce to the potatoes while you are mashing them. Mashed potatoes with the tzatziki sauce are very flavorful and unique.

8. Topping On A Baked Potato

Use the tzatziki sauce as a baked potato topping instead of sour cream!

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9. Salad Dressing

Tzatziki sauce can be used as a delicious salad dressing! Use the tzatziki as any other white salad dressing. Mix the tzatziki sauce with the crispy greens for a delicious healthy salad.

10. Vegetable Dip

Serve the tzatziki sauce as a vegetable dip. You can dip any kinds of veggies, such as carrot sticks, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and cucumber slices. Tzatziki dip can be a great help in getting you to eat more veggies!

11. Dipping Pita Bread

Another traditional way of eating tzatziki sauce is by dipping pita bread into it. This is similar to other appetizer dips like hummus and baba ganoush.

12. Dip For Chips

You can also serve tzatziki sauce with chips instead of salsa. Tzatziki is especially good with homemade pita chips.

See, there are so many ways to eat tzatziki sauce that the whole jar disappears so quickly 🙂 Tzatziki sauce is very addictive, you can just keep eating and eating and eating it all up!

Can you come up with more ways to eat tzatziki sauce? If so, please share – just post a comment on the bottom of this page 🙂

Where should you get the tzatziki sauce? You can get tzatziki sauce at Costco or make it yourself! Making your own tzatziki sauce is really easy – check out my easy homemade tzatziki sauce recipe.

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