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If you like chicken schnitzel you cannot beat this easy and delicious chicken schnitzel recipe!

chicken schnitzel, broccoli and potatoes on a white plate on a granite counter with a white napkin on the left

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Who needs an easy and delicious dinner idea? Well, today is your lucky day! Chicken schnitzel is one of those dishes that for some reason always seemed intimidating to me… until I made it. Now, it is a staple at our house!

Chicken Schnitzel

This easy chicken schnitzel recipe totally fills my comfort food craving every time! In the summer months I pair it with fresh veggies or cut it into strips on a salad, and in the winter it’s great with corn and mashed potatoes! Either way, it’s a winner! My kids even love it, and they are picky eaters!

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chicken dinner on a white plate on a granite counter with a white napkin peeking from the corner

How to make chicken schnitzel:

To make the process a little simpler, I broke it down into step by step images for you! Plus, there is a full video in the recipe card too! Do not be overwhelmed, I promise it is easier than it looks.

chicken breasts getting pounded into a flat patty and egg wash and bread crumbs

Top Left: Lay out your chicken breasts on a clean dry surface and cover with saran wrap.

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Top Right: With a meat mallet pound out your breasts until they are wide and thin.

Bottom Left: Pounded chicken breast.

Bottom Right: Prepare your egg wash and bread crumbs in two separate shallow pans.

chicken in egg wash, chicken in bread crumbs, chicken in hot oil, chicken schnitzel

Top Left: Lay your flattened breast in the egg wash, then flip it over to coat both sides.

Top Right: Repeat process in bread crumb mixture.

Bottom Left: Place coated breast in your oil to cook.

Bottom Right: After a few minutes, flip over to cook the other side.

What is chicken schnitzel?

Schnitzel is meat, pounded thin and then breaded and fried. You can make schnitzel with chicken, pork, beef, veal, mutton- basically any boneless cut of meat.

What cut of meat is used for schnitzel?

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You always use a boneless cut of meat for any schnitzel so you can pound it out nice and thin!

What sides to serve with chicken schnitzel?

We like to serve our schnitzel with our favorite seasoned broccoli and a potato side, like our delicious funeral potatoes! We love to pair our chicken schnitzel with a little Dijon mustard, sooo yummy!

Chicken Schnitzel Recipe

You ready for this easy schnitzel recipe?! Three cheers for a delicious dinner that adults and children can both enjoy!

If you make this recipe and like it we would love if you would rate and comment, they mean so much to us!

chicken schnitzel next to broccoli and potatoes on a white plate

I hope you love this schnitzel as much as we do!


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This post was originally published December 28, 2015 and has been updated with new photos, step by step collages, video and more detailed information.

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