Whipped Strawberry Butter – What is easier and sweeter on literally anything you can think of? Made with just 3 ingredients – strawberries, butter, and powdered sugar – it is a simple and sweet treat to make any time of year!

Get creative and try this easy strawberry butter on a classic banana bread recipe, strawberry tea bread, oatmeal, or even cream of wheat! Whatever you decide, this rich, decadent, fruity spread will be sure to be the hit of the table!

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strawberry butter in a dish garnished with a strawberry, with strawberries around

How to Make Strawberry Butter

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Making homemade strawberry butter starts with just a few basic ingredients, but you really want the best ingredients for the best combination of flavors! Choose whole, milk-fat butter and any fresh, in-season berries for the cleanest, sweetest flavor. It’ll be worth the effort!

butter in a dish with a dish of strawberry puree and strawberries on the side

To Mix the Butter

  1. Start with room temperature strawberries and crush them until you’ve got about ¼ cup after crushing.
  2. Whip butter with a blender until it is light and frothy.
  3. Add in the powdered sugar and then slowly add in the strawberries, making sure everything is gently incorporated.

Place the strawberry butter in a mason jar with a lid or a tightly sealed Tupperware container. Keep in the fridge for up to ten days. To make sure it spreads out evenly, be sure to let your strawberry butter warm slightly (about 15 minutes) before use.

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two images for process of making Strawberry Butter, ingredients before mixing and after mixing

What Goes With It?

All kinds of great things go with strawberry butter! Just like with honey butter, it just depends on how you want to use it! For breakfast, it goes great on pancakes, waffles, banana bread, or even English Muffins.

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strawberry butter in bowl with whole strawberry

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